Tuesday, May 11, 2010


India , my birth place
where every religion and every race
has the freedom and the space
to enjoy their life at their pace.

Abdul Kalam made a guess
by 2020 India will be a story of success
the world is taking notice of us
in every field - the answer is Yes

The youth of our country are asking why
India can't raise the bar even high
standing united after every failed try
we will race ahead and win the tie.

When peace is at a premium today
and the world in total disarray
our country has shown that the Gandhian way
is the key for all we pray.

Let us unite, not as a nation
but as good human beings on every occasion. 

Mr. Manuel is one of the founding members and Treasurer of AASHA. Here he talks about his journey over 43 years as a care giver to son.

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