Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diploma students from The Banyan visit AASHA

Diploma students from The Institute of Mental Health & Social Sciences - The Banyan visited AASHA HOME & SHOPS - an integral part of their field work is orientation visits to different settings related to their curriculum.

Tanya Dutt - Quality Rights Project Gujarat

Tanya Dutt sharing experiences with care givers in Surat, Gujarat about forming of Self Support groups for care givers in Surat as part of the Quality Rights project Gujarat

Mr. Manuel is one of the founding members and Treasurer of AASHA. Here he talks about his journey over 43 years as a care giver to son.

I COULD NOT WEATHER THE STORMS THAT INHABIT MY SON'S MIND  June 18, 2017  Mr Manuel, 82 shares the journey of his son...